Unitymedia customers with a Horizon-Box can now install the new app "Football Navigator" - developed by TeraVolt. The app not only shows an overview of all live broadcasts over the next few days, but also provides additional information about the matches.

The free app provides the user with an overview of results and match attractiveness parallel to an ongoing live match on TV, as well as a graphically elaborate statistics area that offers a wealth of information about the match in real time. The user can immediately see which game is on the line, where the next goal is likely to be scored and which team is the better one.

In addition, Unitymedia customers can see at a glance which soccer matches will be shown on television over the next seven days, which ones are currently on and who is broadcasting them. Using the filter function, international matches or matches without German participation can be hidden. With the Horizon remote control, the user can switch quickly and directly to the right channel.

Schedule, live data and statistics are displayed next to or in the TV picture. In the split screen, the viewer follows the action on the pitch, while the "Football Navigator" provides information on line-up, duel strength, pass quota and the flash table. If desired, the viewer can switch back and forth between full screen and split view. And all this is available for the games of the 1st and 2nd Bundesliga, the DFB Cup, the Champions and Europa League. A separate version of the app will be available for the upcoming World Cup - it will contain data and insights for all World Cup matches.

The "Football Navigator" combines classic linear television with the advantages of the digital world. Additional data, live information and user-friendly operation provide cable network operator customers with an individual football experience using Horizon HD Recorder or Receiver.