Hamburg, 23. Juli 2020Disney+ has room for improvement on Samsung's smart TV system Tizen. The streaming service performs better on Android TV and Amazon's Fire TV as well as Apple TV and LG's Web OS. That is the conclusion of a study conducted by TeraVolt. 

Although the player of Disney+ works perfectly with Tizen (100%), the input (on screen keyboard) leaves a lot to be desired (68%)Moreover, there are problems with the performance (76%) and the usability (78%). For example, the log-in process proved to be complicated due to the non-intuitive keyboard. Within the application, long loading times of the preview images and jerky scrolling compromise the user experience.   

In the case of Apple TV and Web OS, Disney+ was particularly convincing with its performance (100% each), discovery (Apple TV: 94%, Web OS: 100%) and its player (Apple TV: 98%, Web OS: 100%). The streaming service also reaches its highest score with its player for Amazon's Fire TV and Android TV (96% each) but loses ground when it comes to the search for particular content (67% each). 

The fact that Disney+ performs relatively bad on Tizen is problematic for both Samsung and Disney.  According to an earlier study also conducted by TeraVolt, Tizen reaches up to six million households in Germany alone – with a market share in other European countries likely to be similar. 

"Especially young users are hardly willing to compromise on functionality and might switch from Disney+ to Netflix to get a better performance. And more affluent users may turn away from Samsung to enjoy Disney+ on a better performing system. Either way, Samsung and Disney are the losers. It is important for both to catch up here," says Tobias Künkel, Managing Director at TeraVolt. "Actually, this is very unusual for Samsung. In our regular QA tests, Tizen always performs very well.  With adjustments on a manageable scale, it would be easy to achieve significant improvements for Disney+". 

About the study: For this ranking TeraVolt looked at the performance (loading times, cross device usage, etc.), input (e.g. on screen keyboard) and usability (binge watching, accessibility, subtitles) as well as discovery (displaying relevant content, etc.), search and player (reels, voice, etc.) of Disney+ on the different systems. 



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