All-in-One solution for broadcast to set up HbbTV services


Reaching every second household with HbbTV

15 million Connected TVs are reached in Germany every month. Broadcasters can offer additional video and display inventory on this basis and thus generate additional revenues, as well as transfer users to media libraries. TeraVolt has a suitable and cost-efficient modular solution for this HbbTV Suite.


Media library

The clearly structured media library application with important wires, content lanes, thumbnails and metadata, as well as a CMS.


Consent Tool


Consent for tracking must be obtained and we bring the tool for this right away.


Commercial microsites

For optimal monetization of the HbbTV offer, the TeraVolt product SmartPages can be integrated to create and play out interactive campaigns quickly and efficiently.


Red Button Framework

The offer is launched via the call-to-action (CTA). A planning tool makes CTAs controllable via time and stream events. Format-related CTAs with different graphics can also be displayed.


Digital Rights Management

Free up DRM protected content via HbbTV, tailored to capable devices that are recognized through our block listing system.

We solved the long-standing issue to integrate DRM protected (PlayReady) content into HbbTV media libraries by using the technical basis offered by the HbbTV standard and extending the player component.


Digital Rights Management

Playout is managed by our block listing interface which grants access only  to those TV sets supporting DRM. 

Assuring to block TVs that signal to be capable, but still cannot play back DRM videos. In this case, the provider can track the TV sets in the system and filter them out by defining a suitable threshold value.

All available modules


Autostart application

Display layer for channel data,
Scheduling and playout,
Connection to ATV frameworks

Start bar

Up to four different tile types,
dynamic tiling, scheduling function

Tracking & Data Privacy

Tracking of the integration channel,
Data on channels,
Integration privacy policy and imprint

New: Consent Tool

Module for DSGVO and ECJ compliant obtaining of user consent

Ad Server Integration

Coordination of integration of AdServer-based advertising playout, e.g. addressable TV, display, video



Display layer for channel data,
Galleries, texts, videos, channel change

Media libraries

Coordination and integration of existing interfaces for the
playback of media library content


Admin backend, Various voting types,
Market research functions

Sport Widgets

Display of sports data (overlay, scaled PiP) analog to TV signal, connection to data interface (internal and external)

Microsites (Format accompaniments, Apps)

Galleries, text, videos, Twitter tool, advertising campaigns, without programming by SmartPages (setup included, exclusive license)


Dynamic Ad Substitution

Crossfading of broadcast signal
with addressable TV spots

3rd Party App Integration

Coordination and enablement of
e.g. weather, games

Audience Manager

Set up of the Audience Manager through the connection of the Autostart application for the optimized playout of on-screen hints (CTA) with the aim of increasing media library usage.

All HbbTV standards fully supported

End customers can use the offers played out via the HbbTV Suite whenever they have an HbbTV-capable television connected to the Internet. The HbbTV Suite supports all currently available standards (1.0, 1.2, 1.5, 2.0).


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Chief Commercial Officer / Founder