Quality Assurance for MagentaSport

On behalf of Deutsche Telekom, we have been carrying out extensive tests on all commercially relevant end devices for the past 3 years.
Product quality and customer satisfaction have been significantly increased at minimal cost.


Release Testing

  • All software releases are tested and documented before launch (acceptance and regression test)
  • External testing relieves development and increases customer satisfaction
  • Documentation in Jira and Confluence

Live monitoring during all sports events

  • Live events are tested from the end customer's perspective and customer support is provided: Customer satisfaction is increased and call volumes are reduced, all at minimal cost.
  • Immediate alerting in case of bugs/errors
  • Close cooperation with external development teams

Working with Confluence and JIRA

  • Bug tracking
  • Test management (testing plugins TM4J & XRAY)
  • Always up-to-date libraries containing
    • Live test cases
    • Regression test cases

Dataprocessing collection

  • Statistics
  • Overviews
  • Reports