Hamburg, February 24th 2020 – In the future, TV broadcaster will find it much easier to integrate US films and series into their HbbTV media libraries ("Hybrid Broadcasting Broadband TV"). This means on SmartTV devices with HbbTV , which have both digital television and the Internet.

The integration of US content into these media libraries has so far often failed because of the required DRM protection ("Digital Rights Management") for this content, a digital copy protection system, with which content from overseas in particular is encrypted. The broadcasters were therefore faced with a dilemma: either they invest in a service provider who would design an HbbTV app tailored to DRM for them, or they do without this specially protected content.

This problem is now a thing of the past. TeraVolt GmbH, an agency for digital TV products, has succeeded in harmonizing DRM-protected content and HbbTV media libraries and playing them out on suitable SmartTVs. HbbTV provides the technical basis for this and allows the combination of DRM-protected content in a freely available HbbTV offer to be implemented in the German SmartTV landscape. Currently, this solution is being used by the family channel Super RTL, for which TeraVolt has built and continuously supports its own HbbTV media library. The concept can be transferred to any other media library and is therefore also interesting for other TV stations for which TeraVolt was able to solve a problem that had existed for years.


Oliver Koch, managing director and co-founder of TeraVolt, is correspondingly proud of the work that has been done: "It took a lot of effort and brainpower to make this DRM standard usable, which opens up completely new possibilities for our customers. In addition, there are hardly any other competitors offering such a solution, but there is all the more demand in the market. Our DRM solution can therefore develop into a real USP".

The bottom line is that TeraVolt is killing three birds with one stone with its new HbbTV solution: rights holders, for example of US series, are gaining in reach as their content is distributed even more widely. The licensees, i.e. TV stations such as Super RTL, can in turn implement more content in their own HbbTV media libraries and play it out directly to their viewers. And the viewers themselves are provided with a more diverse range of offers from which they can choose.


About TeraVolt 

TeraVolt GmbH is an owner-managed agency for enhanced TV, based in Hamburg, Germany. Founded in 2006, TeraVolt specializes in the development of pioneering digital TV experiences. The agency provides its customers with tailor-made solutions, from market-specific consultation to the creation and technical implementation of innovative products. Its product portfolio includes services, consultation and applications in the areas of Managed Platforms, Enhanced TV, Monetization and OTT. With a headquarter based in Hamburg’s beloved SchanzenviertelTeraVolt consists of a highly experienced management team and 45 strategy, product and technology experts.