Experience the Future of Entertainment with TeraVolt at IBC 2023! Join us to discover TVXRAY for personalized sports viewing, TV Mobile First merging social media and TV, and Metadata for tailored content engagement. Elevate viewer experiences through innovation, real-time highlights, and interactive data. Witness the convergence of TV and mobile platforms with 'TV Mobile First', capitalizing on social media's reach. Unleash the potential of personalized metadata, optimizing content discovery and engagement. Meet us at IBC to explore these groundbreaking solutions shaping the entertainment landscape.

Find us in Hall 5, booth 5.F45



TVXRAY offers the most personalized live sports viewing experience. The innovative SaaS-ready SDK solution has already been successfully integrated with major TV sports rights holders and platforms, into their respective OTT offerings. Elevate your viewers' experience with unique personalization, real-time highlights, and interactive live data like never before. Whether as a stand-alone app or integrated SDK, TeraVolt’s overlay technology seamlessly fits into your existing setup.

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TV Mobile First

 Social media providers continue to strive towards their goal of being the central entertainment platform used. As a result, the content creation industry has developed independently of the established TV broadcasters that sometimes achieve reach that traditional TV program directors only dream about. Before continuing to produce platform-specific content for "third-party" social networks, we are working with our clients to strengthen their digital channels. Therefore, we have developed a "TV mobile FIRST" concept that is based on TikTok’s success and provides several solutions.

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In TV media, personalized metadata is essential for engagement. Tailored solutions replace generic approaches. Customized metadata, vital for goals like better content discovery, search, and engagement, is TeraVolt's expertise. We understand challenges, offer precise strategies, and ensure effective frameworks through a provider-specific approach. We implement customized use case–centered metadata solutions for TV, Streaming-platforms, and operators.

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