Metadata has become decisive in the TV media industry for delivering engaging and personalized experiences to viewers. In this context, there is a growing need for customized metadata solutions instead of "one-size-fits-all". This is because, in the dynamic media landscape, companies usually have different goals. Whether the goal is to increase viewership, maximize advertising revenue, grow market share, or build brand loyalty, meeting these goals requires a customized content strategy with appropriate metadata. After all, metadata that describes and categorizes content is a fundamental component of successful content management systems. 

By implementing a customized metadata solution, organizations can tailor their metadata practices to their specific goals. Additionally, customizing metadata workflows to meet specific goals can optimize content discoverability, improve searchability, and increase user engagement. 

Content archive for unique content 

TV media companies usually have a diverse and extensive content archive, which is characterized by different volumes as well as thematic and structural focuses. They address different target groups with individual preferences and viewing habits. Metadata management must take these differences into account to accurately reflect the essence of the content and enable efficient organization and retrieval. A "one-size-fits-all" metadata solution ignores the need for detailed audience segmentation and personalization. Customized solutions, on the other hand, ensure that metadata schemas, tagging conventions, and classification systems are tailored to each organization's unique content archive. This approach enables efficient content discovery, supports meaningful recommendations, and facilitates company-specific content monetization strategies. 

Use Case Examples 

There are very many potential use cases depending on specific requirements such as business goals, target groups and socio-demographic characteristics, archive focus, etc. TeraVolt has already analyzed and implemented various use cases with different metadata strategies and metadata solutions for different customers. These include for example, automatically generated content tracks, the most accurate categorization for content recommendations and appropriate positioning of content, context-sensitive overlays, video time codes for cue-in points in the progress bar or complete cast and soundtrack information. 

This example of metadata solutions demonstrates the need for the TV media industry when it comes to a uniquely individual approach to metadata. Customized solutions are critical because they consider each company's different goals, unique content archives, different market environments and competitors, and different audiences. This can optimize content discoverability, improve user experience, increase audience engagement and ultimately gain a competitive advantage in the ever-evolving media landscape.  

TeraVolt is the market-leading solution provider for television transformation in Europe. We also offer customized, application-oriented metadata solutions for TV, streaming platforms and content providers, focusing on provider-specific use cases.