TeraVolt supports Bitkom e. V. in the preparation of the Bitkom Study 2023 on "The Future of Consumer Technology".  

Hamburg, September 07, 2023 - The published Bitkom Study 2023 provides various stakeholders with an overview of current and important areas in consumer technology. What is the state of the metaverse in Germany? How widespread are AR & VR? How are voice assistants, streaming & TV used? What role does AI play? The study "The Future of Consumer Technology" provides facts, figures, and background.  

TeraVolt supported the team of Bitkom e. V. in the preparation of the study and summarized the most important results of the current study, which is based on a representative survey of the population aged 16 and older in Germany, from TeraVolt's point of view. The focus is on the topics of metaverse, virtual & augmented reality, voice assistants and streaming. 


The metaverse remains topical. Because whether you call it metaverse, virtual worlds, Web 4.0 or something else, as a 3D extension of the existing Internet, it will shape many areas of our lives. It will make the way we interact with our fellow human beings and with computers more natural and intuitive. 41% of Germans have already heard or read about the Metaverse. There is particularly strong interest in taking virtual trips, city tours and sightseeing in the Metaverse in the future. Virtual shopping and (of course) gaming are also high on the agenda. 36% of those surveyed say they would certainly use the Metaverse if many friends and acquaintances were there. 24% say the Metaverse can promote equality because people (e.g., regardless of origin and wealth) meet there. 

Virtual & Augmented Reality 

One-fifth of Germans aged 16 and older use VR glasses at least occasionally, either privately or professionally. 39% of those who have never used VR glasses would like to use them in the future. After computer games, it is mainly travelling that people like to do in VR.19% of Germans say they use at least one or two AR apps. Games, camera filters and navigation are the most common AR usage scenarios. 

Voice Assistants 

57% use digital voice assistants. Voice control is gaining in importance, especially in cars. 60% prefer the system to have a female voice. 


84% already stream movies, series, and other content. Smart TV, laptop and smartphone are the most important devices for video streaming. 38% would like to be able to tell an AI what kind of program they want to watch so that it can put together a suitable program. 

"We are building TV user-centric: super aggregation and hyper personalization need to be built into the TV front and back end in a scalable way using AI and recommendation. This creates additional interactive services that make TV sexy again." Tobias Fröhlich, CPO and Co-Founder of TeraVolt 

TeraVolt is a solution provider for digital media products. Broadcasters, platforms, and rights holders such as ARD, ZDF, RTL, SKY Mexico, PolSat, RedBull, DFL, Vodafone and Deutsche Telekom are long-term partners. They are supported by over 70 experts with consulting, product/software development and QA support. TV apps, media libraries and the award-winning sports entertainment suite TVXRAY are among TeraVolt's services. 

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