We’re excited to finally meet you again in person at IBC. Let’s talk about solutions to make TV and thereby your business better. Please feel free to schedule your meeting with us now to learn about exciting product updates, the newest projects, and market insights.

Hot topics

Our solutions to make the user experience better:

  • How our customers use TVXRAY to personalize the distribution of their sports rights
  • How TV networks can
    • improve the user experience by getting metadata right end-2-end
    • Optimize their OTT / TV App channel management
  • How TV platforms are leveraging modular enhancements to improve customer experience instantly
  • How quality assurance continuously adds value in development and live situations  

The time for improvement is now: Many of our customized solutions and services can be rolled out to customers within 6 months.

Who is there?

We're all in at IBC with our own booth 5.G14 and the entire management team attending. Here are our calendar links to book an appointment:

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Where to find us

Hall 5 - Content Everywhere, booth 5.G14

We look forward to seeing you in Amsterdam!

Bild Oliver Koch
Oliver Koch
Chief Commercial Officer | Founder
Bild Tobias Fröhlich
Tobias Fröhlich
Chief Product Officer | Founder
Bild Tobias Künkel
Tobias Künkel
Chief Executive Officer
Bild Volker Harbs
Volker Harbs
Chief Technology Officer
Bild Wolfgang Jauer
Wolfgang Jauer
Director Business Development