Artificial Intelligence (AI) is reshaping how sports leagues and TV broadcasters connect with their fans and viewers. It not only enhances fan interaction but also helps organizers and broadcasters understand the needs of their audience, build strong relationships, and boost revenue. Here's an insight into what Conversational AI can already achieve for both fans and providers, along with a glimpse into its future capabilities.

Proactively Responding to Changing Viewer Behavior

Many viewers now use their smartphones to access context-specific information while watching TV – whether it's definitions of terms, biographical details about TV guests, or goal scores of individual players. The second screen has become a valuable touchpoint for broadcasters and TV platforms with their users. Unfortunately, this contact point is still underutilized, with viewers' attention drifting to time-consuming website texts. Conversational AI facilitates faster, more compressed, and personalized knowledge transfer, addressing this issue effectively.

TV Buddy – Your Own AI as a Crowd-Puller

Developed by TeraVolt, TV Buddy introduces a new dimension to fan dialogue. Utilizing Conversational AI through a messenger interface, it becomes an all-knowing companion, answering individual questions about live events and participants instantly, without diverting attention to external sources. It keeps the focus where it belongs: on the platform.

Imagine the Olympics in 2024, with over 10,000 athletes from 130+ nations competing in 32 sports and 306 competitions. How can viewers keep track and get answers to their specific questions without missing anything?
"What are the rules for the three-position shooting event?"
"Which Olympic disciplines were discontinued and why?"
"In which Olympic discipline is my country most successful?"
While live commentators can't address every viewer's interest, TV Buddy can. It learns about each user through simultaneous data analysis, tailoring responses and suggestions to individual preferences.

Personalized Sports Experience for Everyone – How TV Buddy Works

TV Buddy accommodates different knowledge levels, regardless of whether it is an answer that a ten-year-old daughter should understand or one that should not bore a grumpy sports nerd under any circumstances. Even voice messages are possible, with TV Buddy responding in kind – if desired, even in the voice of a favorite commentator or athlete through voice cloning. The TV Buddy is multilingual, allowing responses from Harry Kane in Spanish, Arabic, or 50 other languages – no problem!

TV Buddy can adopt various biographical traits and characteristics, allowing fans to choose a conversation partner, be it the hardcore fan, strategist and analyst, or a female football expert with knowledge of players' spouses, ages, children, and the latest gossip.

All these features make TV Buddy an innovative blend of a knowledge database and entertainment, guaranteeing a growing friendship between the learning AI and users by making sports events a personalized experience.

No Hallucination: TV Buddy's AI Always Provides Accurate Answers

A common risk with AI models like ChatGPT is their occasional inability to distinguish between facts and fake news. They may even "hallucinate" to provide an answer rather than admitting ignorance. TV Buddy eliminates this risk, with the provider deciding the parameters and sources feeding the feature.

Benefits for Fans

  • Personalized exchange and immediate answers to individual questions about live events and participants
  • Summaries with key information for those who missed the beginning or watch on-demand
  • Continuous updates on scores or results of concurrent games
  • Reminder function and highlight notifications
  • Increased interaction for a deeper immersion into the event
  • Streamlined and time-saving ticket purchases
  • Offers of relevant merchandise items with direct shopping functionality
  • Easier access to the event for sporadic viewers or sports newcomers

Benefits for Sports Leagues and TV Broadcasters

  • Unrestricted attention for their own event
  • Extended duration of viewer engagement beyond the event
  • Personal, mutual communication with fans
  • Increased fan engagement
  • Digital bridge to Generation Z
  • Valuable insights into fan preferences
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction through unique added value
  • Increased fan/customer loyalty and connection
  • No propagation of fake news – the provider filters and controls TV Buddy's responses
  • Monetization: Increased ticket and merchandise sales, integration of advertisements
  • No dependency on existing systems

TV Buddy as a Secure Investment in the Digital Future of Sports

In the world of professional sports and entertainment, staying ahead of the competition is crucial for success. With the current possibilities of AI, now is the perfect time to enter the business of personalized broadcasts.

TV Buddy is built on a dynamic AI framework, ensuring future-proofing. It serves as a foundational platform, allowing the flexible addition of new technologies and the retirement of outdated ones: Speech to Text, translation, Text to Speech, generative voice modulation, synthetic personalities, and whatever else may become possible soon. Through simple technical mix-and-match, and without high development costs, TV Buddy stays at the forefront by incorporating the latest AI tools.

In the near future, TV Buddy will become a living character

From a text and audio chat partner, TV Buddy will soon evolve into an animated live reporter. Fans will then even be able to see the AI-generated character come to life in an in-screen video based on their individual wishes, lip-syncing the answers in the voice and language of the user’s choice.