In the era of digital television, broadcasters face the challenge of engaging and retaining a broad global audience. The solution lies in groundbreaking localization technologies based on Gen AI. TeraVolt offers tailored solutions that adapt content to be culturally relevant and contextually accurate, thereby improving accessibility and attractiveness for viewers across languages. At the same time, this automated process is more resource-efficient and cost-effective than conventional workflows.

Challenge: How can I, as a broadcaster, reach a diverse global audience within my broadcast area with my content? Simple translations are no longer sufficient; viewers expect content that is culturally relevant and contextually accurate. By offering content in just five additional languages, a broadcaster can reach 10 percent more households in Germany.

Opportunity: With AI-based localization technologies, broadcasters can enhance the attractiveness and accessibility of their content. This increases their reach and strengthens viewer loyalty.

Tailored Solution: TeraVolt offers advanced localization services as a managed service. Using generative AI, we adapt content to ensure it resonates with all viewers across the broadcast area. Our approach includes altering visual and audio elements and embedding contextual information. Applied to the video player, this means subtitles, lip-synced audio dubbing in various languages, and sign language presented via an integrated avatar.

Strategic Reason: For broadcasters aiming to expand their global focus, the adoption of cutting-edge localization strategies is crucial. With our expertise in integrating these technologies, we ensure that content is not only seen by more people but also truly understood and appreciated.

This video demonstrated how the localization process can transform content, making it universally appealing and relevant.