Apple TV, Fire TV, Samsung Tizen, MagentaTV, Sky Q or Giga TV: we analyzed with the help of an expert panel how to reach as many German households as possible with TV Apps.

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The digital transformation of the TV sector offers established and new program providers a number of opportunities. While high barriers to market entry existed 15 years ago, today even small rights owners and producers can reach their audiences directly. The reason: in addition to the classic TV platforms, a large number of new platforms also offer the possibility of generating reach on TV screens.

For more than 10 years, we have been supporting our customers in realizing these reaches with new TV cases. We also repeatedly talk about which devices they can best reach their viewers on. The possibilities range from smart TVs and managed platforms to mobile devices - but which channel can reach most households? The data situation is inconsistent.

The Survey

In order to provide our customers with the best possible advice, we have combined the available sources on the technical range of the various devices in a market model that has been intensively reviewed and commented on by an expert panel. This panel includes representatives of established and new TV platforms as well as public and private broadcasters. The sources and expert statements are combined to form a consistent picture of the equipment of German TV households with the various terminal devices.

The focus is on the respective current platform generations, which also support TV applications from third-party providers, at least to a limited extent.

Key Findings

  • With almost 13 million addressable households, HbbTV represents the largest technically consistent hardware base. By 2023, it will grow to 20 million households and functionally expand.
  • Amazon's Fire TV sets now reach 3.7 million households, well ahead of Apple TV and Google's Chromecast sets. Expert feedback supports the optimistic growth forecasts.
  • In smart TV platforms, Samsung's Tizen is well ahead of Google's Android TV (Sony, Philips, Sharp, and others). The experts are optimistic for both platforms. If chromecast devices are taken into account, both platforms will be in a neck-and-neck race by 2023.
  • With well over 3 million households, Deutsche Telekom is the most relevant classic TV platform that supports TV apps today. There is no consensus among the experts as to whether Vodafone and Sky can increase their reach by 2023 with their app-enabled platforms above this level.

Content of the Survey

The analysis includes growth rates to date and forecasts up to 2023.

  • TV households: Definition; equipment with different TV terminals.
  • HbbTV: reach in general, versions, DRM support.
  • Smart TV platforms: Samsung, LG, Panasonic, Android TV (Sony, Philips, Shart, Vestel, others), as well as others (legacy stock, etc.).
  • Managed Platforms: Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone, Unitymedia, Sky.
  • OTT platforms: Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Google Chromecast.
  • Game consoles: Playstation and Xbox.

Scope: 19 pages.

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