We're pleased to announce that we're expanding our long-standing partnership with Metrological, a Comcast Company. We're doing so by becoming a member of Metrological's Lightning Partner Program, which will give TeraVolt quicker access to relevant resources and will strengthen our connection to the people in charge.

The global Lightning Community Partner network Metrologial created a specialized community of trusted TV app development firms, experienced with the Lightning development framework and SDK. Lightning partners have proven to be experienced in the OTT landscape and in TV app development. They have consistent expertise with the Lightning development framework and SDK.

TV networks and platform benefit of working with a partner through:

  • Bring your Lightning apps to market faster
  • Reduce development costs
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Meet Metrological's quality standards

Teravolt is an expert in the OTT landscape and has shown consistent experience with the LightningJS development framework and SDK. Working with them to develop your Lightning-based app guarantees experience, speeds up the process, and reduces development and maintenance costs.

Do not hesitate to contact Oliver Koch to discuss your Lightning project.