Amsterdam, September 20, 2023 – For the fifth time in total, TeraVolt - A QVEST Company has won an award with its product "TVXRAY - The Gen-Z upgrade to Broadcasting". At this year's “IABM BaM Awards”, which were presented in Amsterdam at IBC 2023, TVXRAY came out on top in the category "Consume".

The “IABM BaM Awards” recognize outstanding technological innovations that deliver real business and creative benefits. The BaMs are the only truly independent technology awards in the industry and are widely recognized as the gold standard for rewarding Broadcast and Media innovation.

The fundamental criteria for the category Consume were all the touchpoints with the end-consumer of the content. Submissions should include consumer-facing apps or platforms with an extensive user experience that makes content recommendations and captures consumer data, integrated identity management, and excellent UI and UX design.

TVXRAY delivers data storytelling, video highlights and personalization on the first screen, even if it´s a TV. It thus catches up with social media and transforms TV into a digital first experience, especially for Gen-Z. On-screen widgets, located in the display layer above the player, show all relevant data, personalized video notifications and let viewers interact with the program. The platform consists of SDKs for the frontend, a backend interface for synchronization and the logic core, as well as patented AI-scene recognition. TVXRAY offers the most personalized sports viewing experience and assures, that the viewers’ attention remains on the content they follow by adding features on the first screen.

Tobias Fröhlich, CPO/Founder of TeraVolt: „ Winning the BAM Award in the Consumption category is a validation to our commitment to redefining sports viewing. TVXRAY's innovative personalized sports viewing reshapes how Gen Z connects with sports, making it as personal as their passion. We´re creating a more engaging and meaningful connection to the games they love. We're proud to be leading this transformation.”

We are excited to receive this award and we extend our gratitude to the judges from IABM for acknowledging the innovation that revolutionizes the way we experience sports. Thank you for the excellent teamwork to team blue from TeraVolt and thanks to our new shareholder Qvest.

About TeraVolt 

TeraVolt GmbH is a solution provider for digital media products and consulting based in Hamburg with a team of around 50 experts in product, strategy, and technology. The company specializes in developing outstanding new TV experiences and product lighthouses together with international clients and producing the best OTT solutions for them - from the initial idea to innovative products in operational use.

About Qvest

Qvest advises and supports organizations and companies worldwide on all requirements for technology implementations in the context of digital transformation and is a world-leading systems architect, ICT integrator and developer of software products in the innovation-driven media industry. The company’s range of services is aligned to the opportunities emerging from an increasingly digital media value chain such as multi-platform content delivery, artificial intelligence, data & analytics, multi-cloud management, and IP infrastructures. Qvest clients include numerous renowned media networks, telecommunication providers, broadcasters as well organizations and companies from the industrial and public sector. In addition to the headquarters in Cologne, Germany, the globally connected Qvest Group operates further locations in Europe, the USA, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and Australia.