Cologne/Hamburg, April 9, 2024, TeraVolt - A QVEST Company, in collaboration with Deutsche Netz Marketing GmbH (DNMG), has developed the first FAST Channel HbbTV App called "TIVEE", which is freely accessible via HbbTV-enabled devices through the German cable network.

From now on, viewers can discover and use TIVEE on their own channel in the cable networks of DNMG network operators. TIVEE brings together a variety of ad-supported internet-based FAST Channels, sorted into different categories and accessible on a single channel.

What is a FAST Channel?

"FAST" stands for "Free-Ad-Supported Streaming TV", meaning viewers can access a wide variety of channels from different genres through ad-supported TV streaming for free. Viewers can already anticipate the content based on the channel name.

How does the HbbTV app TIVEE work?

The app automatically opens on the TIVEE channel of participating cable network operators when the TV is connected to the internet. Viewers navigate through the app menu with category and channel bars using the color and arrow keys on the remote control and choose which FAST Channel they want to watch. Saving favorite channels is also possible. TIVEE is freely available for customers of participating cable network operators and does not need to be separately installed. The app is accessible for HbbTV-enabled devices (ETSI V 1.5.1) from approximately the year 2018 onwards.

What is HbbTV?

HbbTV stands for "Hybrid broadcast broadband Television", allowing traditional linear TV to be supplemented with interactive internet services. The technology is based on open standards, and the interactivity of HbbTV is enabled through the broadband internet backchannel, allowing viewers to experience an enhanced and personalized TV experience.

What does the HbbTV app TIVEE offer to users?

TIVEE provides immediate access to a vast selection of FAST Channels from various categories upon launch. Movie enthusiasts can find channels like "NetzKino" featuring comedies, romances, action movies, thrillers, and horror films under the "Movies & Series" category, or "Grjngo," which showcases Westerns from all decades. The channel "Moconomy" in the "Documentary" category exclusively showcases economic documentaries, and under "Entertainment," channels like the gaming channel "Rocket Beans TV" are located. Other categories include "Music," "Sports," "Nature & Travel," "Food & Drink," and "Car & Technology". Thus, the app caters to every taste, with TIVEE's offerings set to expand further with more channels and features.

DNMG is a pioneer with the TIVEE platform, as it offers, for the first time, the integration of various internet-based channels on a single channel in the cable network for specific network operators' customers, thus bridging the "Old World" of cable networks with the "New World" of internet-based television.

"With TeraVolt's valuable expertise in HbbTV and streaming, we've made TIVEE a reality in just 3 months," says Damian Lohmann, Head of TIVEE at DNMG. "TeraVolt accompanied the entire development process from conception through UX/UI design and complete programming to the deployment of our HbbTV app TIVEE."

About DNMG

DNMG is the largest marketing organization for medium-sized and urban operators of cable television and Fttx networks in the German-speaking region, with over 200 members. DNMG collaborates with its partners to develop new business models and efficiently ensures project and contract implementation as the central interface between broadcasters and network operators, serving as a central point of contact for both broadcasters and cable network operators.

About TeraVolt

TeraVolt GmbH is a solution provider for digital media products and consulting based in Hamburg, with a team of around 50 experts in product, strategy, and technology. The company specializes in collaborating with international clients to develop outstanding new TV experiences and product showcases and to produce the best OTT solutions for them - from the initial idea to innovative products in operational use.