In the current media landscape, TV broadcasters are increasingly facing the growing dominance of Big Tech. Streaming providers like Netflix and social media platforms like TikTok are putting traditional media houses under pressure. However, numerous opportunities exist to remain competitive and strengthen viewer engagement. With the right OTT solutions and the right solution provider as an expert partner, broadcasters and TV providers can advance their digital transformation and thrive in a tough competitive environment.

Challenge: TV broadcasters are in intense competition in the OTT space, striving to capture and retain viewers' attention.

Opportunity: Digital transformation offers TV broadcasters the chance to create significant added value with innovative OTT services.

Solution: TeraVolt delivers tailored OTT solutions by integrating the best technical components, providing high-quality, user-friendly applications and reliable services. This is demonstrated by our projects, such as developing CTV apps for ZDF and supporting Deutsche Telekom's OTT operations.

Strategic Reason: As an independent provider, TeraVolt avoids rigid vendor contracts and focuses on developing customized solutions that maximize value for our customers.

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