In an era where viewers' attention spans are becoming increasingly shorter, sports broadcasters need innovative solutions to captivate and retain their audience. TVXRAY provides exactly this solution through personalized and interactive content that revolutionizes the viewing experience and increases viewer loyalty.

Opportunity: The integration of AI-driven technologies offers sports broadcasters the chance to revolutionize the viewing experience. By providing tailored content, broadcasters can significantly increase viewer engagement and loyalty.

Solution: TVXRAY from TeraVolt delivers personalized sports highlights and statistics to viewers. TVXRAY enhances the viewing experience by providing relevant data in real time, such as displaying goal ratios of parallel games. This allows broadcasters to keep their audience engaged for longer.

Strategic Reason: Introducing TVXRAY allows broadcasters to differentiate themselves in a competitive market by offering a unique, captivating viewing experience. The interactive and personalized sports content leads to higher viewer retention and satisfaction.

The following video shows the main features of TVXRAY: