In today's media landscape, TV broadcasters face the challenge of asserting themselves against the growing dominance of Big Tech, such as streaming providers like Netflix or social media platforms like TikTok. However, numerous opportunities exist to remain competitive and strengthen viewer loyalty:
TV Digital First integrates social media features into TV platforms.

Challenge: Traditional TV broadcasters are increasingly competing with social media platforms like YouTube and TikTok for user attention and ad revenue.

Opportunity: Digital development offers broadcasters the opportunity to adapt social media elements to their offering and meet the changing consumption behavior of video content. The integration of interactive and personalized elements is particularly suitable here.

Custom Solution: TV Digital First. This managed service delivers a comprehensive strategy that brings the interactivity of social media to television. It generates an interactive feed, allowing viewers to like, share, and comment on TV content. This creates a completely new, dynamic TV experience with a new form of personalized content discovery.

Strategic Reason: TV Digital First makes broadcasters competitive with digital platforms while ensuring content sovereignty and monetization. It provides a socially networked environment that stores user data and provides tailored content recommendations, thus increasing viewer retention and loyalty.

This video shows how TV Digital First revolutionizes television: