The transformation of television with AI and success factors from social media

With TV Digital First, viewers stay connected to the TV offerings in their mobile daily lives, even when they're not in front of the big screen. TV Digital First brings everything that has kept viewers away from TV content onto the provider’s platform: Activity Feed, personalized content, community updates, and highlight alerts. The benefit for providers: increased viewer engagement, longer viewing times, and more valuable data on their own TV platform.

TV Digital First adapts to current user behavior

  • Decoupling the TV platform from the television set as the last screen of the day

  • Usable on the personal favorite device – anytime, anywhere

  • Short, personalized, and socially connected content

  • Navigation like in the social media feed: scrolling, swiping, automatic playback of content

  • Provides playful context-specific infotainment and encourages interaction


Television vs. Social Media

Television is trailing behind the major usage trends of social media platforms. OTT products like TV apps and media libraries on all devices are a step in the right direction, but the transformation is not yet complete. TV providers should see themselves as streamers and build communities. Depending on the maturity of the organization, these transformations are already in progress. TV Digital First helps initiate the necessary paradigm shift from being a content flagship to becoming an aggregation platform and eventually a data platform.

The elements and features of TV Digital First

"Zapping" into content in the Activity Feed

Navigation in scroll and swipe mode, as learned from social media, simultaneous playback of personalized content to immediately engage and captivate users. Discovery cannot be better implemented. What TIKTOK borrowed from analog television, we bring back: zapping!

Personalization and Community Vibes

Liking, following, commenting, sharing with friends – the viral elements of a platform give users the opportunity to actively influence personalization and make their Activity Feed more relevant. Community effects create trends that viewers follow. Program providers, in turn, can present their content in a way that gets clicked. We use corresponding engines in content delivery.

Engagement-Overlays with TVXRAY

This component allows viewers to retrieve context-specific information during the program: know who is in the talk show or see scores of parallel sports games. Viewers can also use AI-based auto-clipping of highlights in an interactive timeline or switch to other channels through in-screen videos. Setting up video alerts is also possible. TVXRAY delivers 34% more usage and additional marketable inventory. This includes corresponding SDKs in all frontends.


TV BUDDY, the „all-knowing buddy“

This tool extends TVXRAY beyond traditional clients into the chats of viewers' messenger services. The TV Buddy provides context-specific knowledge via Conversional AI on smartphones without diverting attention from the main event. The Large Language Model of Conversational AI is tailored to users' personal questions. Reminders can be set, and viewers can be addressed with additional content or messages. This allows users to discuss and learn more about any content at any time.


Efficient use of METADATA

Metadata is the fuel for personalized TV enjoyment. Based on our years of experience, we know how to optimize, maintain, and effectively use these valuable, often underestimated, and poorly maintained data collections for our clients. We think holistically: from the right strategy through architecture to an efficient workflow with AI-based tools.

TV Digital First as a transformation toolbox with various tools

TV Digital First is more than a digitization strategy. It is based on the most successful usage concepts of digital platforms and addresses the current needs of users. Viewed from a viewer-centric perspective, television starts with the phone in the morning and ends with the big screen in the evening. User stories with TV Digital First are designed throughout the day, tailored to specific usage situations (on the tram to work, for short updates during lunch break, and relaxing in the evening on the sofa) and different needs throughout the day (timekilling, thirst for knowledge, planning security, entertainment, etc.).

For this, we have developed a toolkit. Each element can also be integrated individually into an existing platform and contributes to success. However, TV Digital First unfolds its full impact when all elements work together in a coordinated manner.

We implement these OTT solutions either as a bundle or individually on TV platforms, depending on customer preferences.


Highlights for Users

  • Inspiration through personally relevant TV content

  • Connecting: liking, sharing, commenting on TV moments

  • No FOMO, always staying up to date, even if you couldn't be there live

  • Flexibility through self-determined consumption


Highlights for Providers

  • Increase viewer consumption: engage users throughout the day and overall for longer durations
  • Increase viewer numbers
  • Additional revenue through advertising placements, ticket and merchandise sales with integrated shopping functionality
  • No drifting to Google, Facebook, TikTok & Co., as everything is accessible through their own platform
  • More user data and thus insights into their needs, offering tailored recommendations (customer retention)

Ready for the decisive step into the future?

We are!

Oliver Koch
Chief Commercial Officer / Founder