TV Buddy

Your own AI as a viewer magnet

The TV Buddy we've developed creates a new dimension of fan interaction: A messenger interface powered by Conversational AI serves as the all-knowing buddy sitting in front of each user's mobile or stationary device, instantly answering any individual questions about live events or shows. Attention remains where it should be: on your own platform.

descriptive graphic on how the tv buddy works

This is how TV Buddy works for users

The TV Buddy is more than just a knowledge database; it's an entirely new entertainment tool that provides concise and entertaining answers to individual questions. It even learns about each user through simultaneous analysis of user data, continually adapting its responses and suggestions to their preferences. At the same time, TV Buddy can cater to each user's knowledge level individually. The following forms of dialogue are possible:

  • Written via chat
  • Through audio via voice message – if desired, TV Buddy can even respond in the AI-generated voice of the host or favorite athlete (voice cloning)
  • TV Buddy is fluent in the 50 most widely spoken languages

Furthermore, TV Buddy can adopt various biographical traits and characteristics to make the dialogue even more lively and entertaining. This allows fans to decide whether they want to engage with the grumpy hardcore fan, the strategist and analyst, or a football expert who not only provides sports knowledge but also delivers information about player spouses, ages and number of children, or the latest gossip.
All these features make TV Buddy an innovative combination of a knowledge database and entertainment. And it ensures that the friendship between the learning AI and users grows because TV Buddy turns sports events into a truly personal experience.  


The benefits for users of TV Buddy include:

• Personalized interaction and immediate responses to personal questions about the live event and participants.

• Summaries with key information about the ongoing proceedings, useful for those who missed the beginning or watch fully on-demand.

• Continuous updates on scores or results of concurrent games.

• Reminder function and highlight notifications

• Increased opportunities for interaction, resulting in a deeper immersion in the events.

• Streamlining and time-saving in ticket purchases.
Offering suitable merchandise items with direct shopping functionality.

• Easier access to the event for occasional viewers or sports newcomers.


The benefits for providers of TV Buddy include:

  • Uninterrupted attention for their own event.
  • Extended retention beyond the event.
  • Personal, two-way communication with fans.
  • Increased fan engagement.
  • Digital bridge to Gen-Z.
  • Valuable insights into fan preferences.
  • Increased customer satisfaction through unique value addition.
  • Enhanced fan or customer retention through increased loyalty and connection.
  • No processing of fake news: self-filtering and control over what TV Buddy communicates.
  • Monetization: Increased ticket and merchandise sales, advertising integration.
  • No dependency on existing systems.

Here's how TV Buddy is structured:

TV Buddy is built on a dynamic AI framework, making it future-proof. It serves as a foundational platform where new technologies can be flexibly added and others phased out:

  • Speech to Text
Text to Speech
  • Generative Voice Modulation
  • Synthetic personalities
  • And whatever else becomes possible in the near future

By employing a straightforward technical "mix-and-match" approach and without incurring significant development costs, TV Buddy remains at the forefront of innovation as it can be continuously enhanced and improved with the latest AI tools.

TV Buddy gathers its knowledge from various secure and partially self-populated sources. Here, it's up to the provider to determine which parameters are used to feed the Buddy. It is imperative that the Buddy neither hallucinates nor talks nonsense.


Looking into the future:

It won't be long before TV Buddy becomes a lively character through Generative AI, evolving from a text and audio chat companion to an animated live reporter. Users will even see, in an in-screen video, the AI-generated character come to life according to their individual preferences, delivering responses in the desired voice and language, perfectly synchronized with lip movements.


Please contact:

Tobias Fröhlich
Chief Product Officer / Founder