Software Development

We provide top-tier OTT product development, bringing product visions to life with cutting-edge technology.

Agile Development 

Plan, code, review, repeat

We're advocates of agile product development, swiftly delivering a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) in a transparent and fast-paced manner. This initial functional version is then continually and efficiently enhanced, evolving into a high-quality end product. Working within Scrum, we achieve shorter development cycles and easily accommodate changes through continuous improvements and testing. This approach enables us to create an electrifying product that captivates end users.

Solution Design 

Creating cloud-based TV experiences 

For software solution planning, we leverage cutting-edge technologies, including PaaS, Multi-Cloud, Microservices, agile methodology, containers, CI/CD, Data Engineering, IoT, AI and machine learning.

Our goal: Facilitating simple, accelerated development through a loosely coupled architecture (Microservices Architecture) and the utilization of the most suitable frameworks. This approach is scalable, reliable, fault-tolerant and secure. Moreover, we harness the benefits of serverless services, CI/CD automation and agile DevOps.


Smart TV Development 

The landscape of Connected TV (CTV) is incredibly diverse and fragmented – and we have the insights and expertise! Drawing on almost 20 years of experience, we utilize highly scalable software frameworks to bring apps to large screens like HbbTV, Tizen, WebOS, Foxxum, Metrological Lightning and various MVPD devices. And, of course, we cover Android TV and tvOS as well. We have the technical setup to accompany our software developments with QA testings while also optimizing the user experience on older device generations.

Bringing video to the Big Screen 

Mobile & Web Development 

Electriying TV everywhere 

We craft advanced iOS and Android apps along with modern web applications, ensuring their performance across all devices. We manage the entire app store approval process from start to finish and advise our clients on best practices for optimal user acceptance. Upon completion of development and implementation, we hand over the complete source code, granting full ownership of the project to our clients – without fees or additional conditions.

Backend Development 

Creating new TV experiences on solid foundations 

We provide complex, secure and well-documented backend solutions that scale on the industry's top cloud platforms. Whether it's a web application, custom backend system or API, we design architectures that best suit the respective digital products. Our technology stack includes Java, PHP, Python, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Gitlab and Spring Boot.

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Volker Harbs

Chief Technology Officer