We love TV – and enjoy supporting our clients to create better experiences. Our industry is driven by an ever-accelerating digital transformation that forces every player to move fast. The good news: there are so many opportunities to efficiently utilize technology to create new product experiences. Our approach is hands-on: we support your strategy decision making process based on 2 decades of practical experience in designing, building and operating new TV products.

Business Modelling 

Creating sustainable revenue streams 

We have not only developed electrifying products, but also operated them. Therefore, the creation of business cases is not a theory for us, but a modelling of decades of experience in Excel. 
This includes classic and new advertising models, transactional products and subscription models, B2C, B2B, B2B2C. 

Project Management 

Supporting your project in your organization 

We provide the full range of project management services from inception to completion. Of course, we deliver value for money by providing high standards of project management, utilizing our project management experience to create measurable success, and delivering projects to time, cost and quality. 

Device and Client Priorization 

Putting your budget where your client is. 

The TV landscape is in constant transformation and resources are limited. So, where should you allocate your budget on? We support our clients with data-based insights and helpful tools to prioritize development efforts per TV platform.  

Content Workflows 

Optimizing content operations – hands on. 

We know that every product must be operated. So, we dig into the content- and metadata workflows in order to increase efficiency and decrease time-to-live. For this, we analyze the status quo, aggregate all requirements, and propose optimizations.  
Our catch: we have decades of experience in actual day-to-day operations, so it's not only theory. 

Metrics and KPI 

Defining the “Why” 

The TV industry is just too exciting these days, so its key for clients to focus. We help to define key metrics for your business early in the process. Defining the “Why” is the base for every product development process and ensures your return on investment. 

Temporary Employment 

Legally secure setup for external support 

In recent years, legislators have increased their requirements for longer-term external support in companies. 
We have all the necessary prerequisites to support our clients in a flexible and legally secure manner within temporary employment contracts.

Need support in your TV development project? Get in touch. 


Tobias Künkel

Chief Executive Officer