We love Over-the-Top (OTT) content and aim to assist our clients in offering new, superior TV experiences, along with brilliant OTT offerings. The digital transformation within our industry is advancing rapidly, placing pressure on all market participants to deliver innovations to their customers. The good news is that the efficient utilization of new technologies presents numerous opportunities to create electrifying product experiences. Our approach is pragmatic: drawing from two decades of practical experience in developing, building and operating these new TV products, we support our clients' strategic decision-making processes. Let's get started!

Business Modelling 

Sustainable revenue streams 

We develop electrifying products and operate them for our clients. Therefore, creating business cases is not just theory for us; it's modeling based on decades of experience. This encompasses both traditional and new advertising models, transactional products, and subscription models: B2C, B2B, B2B2C.

Project Management 

Our experts provide on-site project support for clients

We offer a full range of project management services from conception to completion. Leveraging our project management expertise, we aim to achieve measurable successes and execute projects successfully in terms of time, cost and quality.

Prioritizing Devices and Customers

Allocating budget where the customers are

Technical distribution and reach continuously evolve due to the changing diversity of device types. With limited resources, the question often arises: which among the numerous OTT platforms should be prioritized in the project?

Content Workflows 

Optimizing content management processes 

A product doesn't just need development; it requires ongoing operation. That's why we optimize our clients' content and metadata workflows to enhance efficiency and reduce time-to-live. We analyze the current state, compile stakeholder requirements and propose optimizations. Our unique selling proposition: decades of experience in the actual operation of TV offerings.

Metrics and KPIs

Defining the “Why” clearly

The TV industry is undergoing significant changes, making it crucial for our clients to focus on critical success factors. We assist in defining the key metrics for a company early in the process. Defining the "why" serves as the foundation for every product development process, ensuring an early return on investment (ROI).

Temporary Employment for Limited-term Support

Legally compliant external support 

In recent years, legislative requirements for long-term external support in companies have increased. We possess all the necessary qualifications to assist our clients flexibly and legally within the framework of temporary employment contracts.

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Tobias Künkel

Chief Executive Officer