Quality Assurance

The competition among TV networks and streaming services is constantly intensifying. Viewers have more choices and higher expectations. Providers are engaging in a competition for content and customer experience, with global top media brands like Netflix or Disney+ setting the benchmark to measure up against. Through our own testing center and based on years of experience, we ensure comprehensive testing throughout the development process. This enables us to offer our customers thoughtful Quality Assurance (QA), ensuring a consistently outstanding customer experience efficiently, both in terms of time and cost.

Release Testing in Development Process

Customer-centric live products

Professional testing teams are involved throughout the software development lifecycle. They support the individual phases with functional, structural and requirement-based testing methods (static, dynamic, black box, white box; component and integration tests, system and acceptance tests). This allows us to continuously adapt the products to the changing needs and desires of customers, ensuring an optimal customer experience.

Quality Control

Continuous, structured and well-organized 

The causes of errors in live operations are diverse: software releases, new features and content, as well as changes in backend structures, APIs or payment methods. Even advertising providers optimize their integration methods and alter their delivery processes – each contributing to the system's susceptibility to disruptions that, in turn, dampen the customer experience. Preventing this is paramount. And we achieve this through ongoing checks, a structured approach to software maintenance and upkeep and meticulous testing of further features. With minimal effort, we're taking significant and crucial strides here.

Multi-Device Testing

... in one of the largest test centers in Europe

Our test center contains all relevant access points and devices for comprehensive OTT testing:

  • 100 TVs of different classes from all manufacturers since 2013
  • 50 mobile devices of all relevant manufacturers since 2013 
  • Access to TV providers across all footprints

With this setup, we collaborate with major TV broadcasters and platforms in Germany, ensuring the quality of their and our services. As an external service provider, we also assist in enhancing the services of other service providers.

Spotting issues before customers do.
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Oliver Koch

Chief Commercial Officer / Founder