Quality Assurance

Competition among TV broadcasters and streaming services continues to grow. Viewers have more choice and are becoming more demanding. For providers, this means world-class competition in terms of content and a customer experience on a par with the top media brands. The most efficient way to achieve a sustainably good customer experience is through detailed testing in the development process as well as well thought-out quality assurance (QA). TeraVolt has set up its own test center for this purpose.

Release testing in the development process

A good Customer Experience is an absolute key criterion for any service.

Professional test teams are involved throughout the software lifecycle and support development along chosen methods (static, dynamic, blackbox, whitebox), types (functional, structural, requirements) and at all stages (unit tests, integration tests, system tests and acceptance tests).

Quality Control

Errors in live operations can have many causes: Platforms release new software, change backend structures, providers change APIs, payment processes, advertising providers optimize advertising integrations and change their delivery processes. In addition, there are new app releases that bring new features and new content, but also new sources of errors that can significantly impair the customer experience - sometimes even in the form of total failures. This is precisely what needs to be prevented. To check this, a structured approach to software maintenance and support is needed, as well as careful testing after further developments. Big steps can be taken here with little effort, in front of the customer.

Multi Device Testing

Our test center includes all relevant accesses and devices for complete end-to-end OTT testing:

  • 100 TV devices of different classes from all manufacturers since 2013
  • 50 mobile devices of all relevant manufacturers since 2013 
  • Access to TV providers of all footprints

With this setup we work for the most relevant TV broadcasters and TV platforms in Germany and ensure the quality of their and our services. We also help as 'external' to improve the services of other service providers.

Do you like the idea to detect any CTV issue before your customer? Then we should talk.


Oliver Koch

Chief Commercial Officer / Founder