Product Design

We help our clients to create user experiences that drive innovation and growth. Based on your very own product strategy we create products people love. We design customer experiences that are intuitive on the web, mobile, and all relevant TV platforms. We research with customers and stakeholders to find the best solutions based on prototypes and end-user research. 


From Ideation to Innovation

Workshops are a core part of every innovation process. We select the right toolset according to the specific customer needs. Inspired by the ideas of human-centered design, design thinking and Googles design sprints we rely on proven concepts like design challenges, flash demos, brainwriting and personas. 

Requirement Analysis 

Determine Product Needs Early 

Every project starts with gathering information sponsors and users. Based in this we analyze, validate, and align stakeholder expectations while considering all possible conflicts. This way we determine what the project should accomplish and eliminate any ambiguities or conflicting requirements in your project plan. 

UX/UI Design 

...its bad if you have to explain

We focus on the user experience: How does your user interact with an app? What features should the app have and how satisfied are users with your service? Satisfied users are loyal: Intuitive usability, ease of use, and quick learnability are the hallmarks of our products. Our goal is to inspire your users for a product in the long term.


Validate ideas and save money. 

The costs associated with fixing a feature in your product increase exponentially – prototypes are the best way to find problems early in the project. We use iterative, clickable prototypes to validate features and designs. These are used to green-light the implementation projects, and conduct user testing.  

User Funnel Modeling 

Designing a long-term user relationship 

The user funnel is the master plan for the overall service experience: how are users attracted? How will they be onboarded? What is their reason for constantly using the product? User funnels are a great tool to develop a 360° view of the user experience and to understand what part of the product experience has the most opportunity for improvemen

Usability Testing 

More research, less guessing. 

Ignoring the user’s perspective leads to suboptimal product experiences. We identify any shortcomings of designs, products and processes to leverage user-centric design. With this data we reduce development time, increase user satisfaction and reduce customer support costs. 

Want to bet that we can create a better TV experience also for you?


Tobias Fröhlich

Chief Product Officer / Founder