In an era where digital content fragments viewers' attention, TV broadcasters need to find innovative ways to retain their audience. TV-Buddy uses Gen-AI and Conversational UI to ensure personalized engagement and real-time communication.

Challenge: TV broadcasters struggle to capture and engage viewers' attention in a saturated digital landscape.

Opportunity: AI offers a unique opportunity to connect directly with viewers and deliver personalized conversations in real time on their platform.

Custom Solution: TV Buddy is a managed service from TeraVolt for 24/7 communication with TV viewers, based on generative AI. It enhances the TV experience by providing instantly tailored responses to viewer inquiries through a simple messenger interface. TV Buddy accesses live updates and content from various predefined sources.

Strategic Reason: With TV Buddy, broadcasters significantly transform their interaction with viewers, increasing their engagement and loyalty. This flexible approach maximizes the value and impact of the streaming offering, as the solution is tailored to individual customer needs.

This video shows some of the capabilities of TV Buddy: