At TeraVolt, we prioritize the concrete use case and develop a new product with a user-centric perspective. In doing so, we deliberately utilize the data from the backend APIs: the valuable yet complex metadata.

We solve metadata nodes, structure the data sustainably, and leverage them to the advantage of our customers.

Current situation

Metadata describes content and labels it with attributes. One of the biggest challenges when working with metadata is that these data entities are often inadequately documented, inconsistent, or even incomplete. This, combined with a fragmented backend system landscape, historical data from past migrations, and the absence of a central data management and quality assurance unit, leads to a widespread state: data chaos that the processing frontend cannot interpret correctly and unnecessarily prolongs the time to market for important features.


Metadata strategies aligned with the use case

With an experienced team comprising technically proficient editors and editorial IT and data specialists, we collaborate with our clients to develop a use case oriented metadata strategy.

Data cleansing & harmonization

We assist in prioritizing use cases and organizing the resulting metadata requirements. Simultaneously, we analyze the existing data, manage data cleansing, and provide support in the creation, harmonization, and refinement of data. Our services range from consulting and operational project management to concrete implementation.

As industry experts, we have an excellent market overview of the latest technologies and ensure integration and alignment of supplying systems and providers. This is done in close coordination with our clients and their specific requirements, always from the perspective of users.

You want to improve your metadata? Let us talk.


Jan Klische

Director Projects