6. September 2023

TeraVolt at IBC 2023 – World Class OTT Solutions 

TeraVolt is preparing for an exciting presence at this year's International Broadcasting Convention in Amsterdam. As the world´s most inspiring content and technology event , IBC provides a dynamic platform for industry leaders to explore new innovations, forge valuable connections with experts, and showcase their latest advancements. 

Join us at IBC Stand at Hall 5. F45, where we're not just attending; we're innovating and shaping the future of media and technology. TeraVolt is your gateway to a new era of television and content engagement.  

Book your on-site meeting and let´s discuss our newest and latest innovations:

TVXRAY - Personalized Sports Viewing 

Our first highlight at IBC 2023 is the introduction of TVXRAY, a groundbreaking SaaS-ready SDK solution poised to redefine live sports broadcasting. This award-winning, all-screen compatible platform promises to elevate viewer engagement and maximize ROI, setting new industry standards. Notable features include: 

  • Live Sports Data in Sync with Video: Delve into player, team, and competition statistics on the first screen. 
  • Sports EPG with AI-Based Highlight Catch-Up: Enjoy instant auto-clipped highlights for any game, at any time. 
  • Personalized Video Alerts: Receive immediate video alerts for pre-selected live moments across all sports. 

TV mobile FIRST - Broadcasters deserve better 

TeraVolt leads the way in the shift to mobile TV consumption with "TV mobile FIRST," an AI-driven solution tailored for younger viewers. Its strategies include learning from social media, adding playful elements, personalization, fostering viewer networking, and prioritizing a mobile-first approach. 

Metadata - improving streaming platforms with customized solutions  

Metadata has become decisive in the TV media industry for delivering engaging and personalized experiences to viewers, offering personalized recommendations, content discoverability, and efficient categorization. TeraVolt's tailored Metadata solutions, including Customized AI Metadata, BI Quality Assurance, and Supervised Learning for AI, maximize your TV and streaming potential. 

6. September 2023

TeraVolt and ntv launch new digital text app for HbbTV

Hamburg, August 31, 2023 - TeraVolt and ntv celebrate the successful launch of the brand new ntv Digitaltext for HbbTV.

The news channel ntv now offers its viewers a new and comprehensive service. For this purpose, a new HbbTV app was developed in cooperation between TeraVolt and ntv. The project incorporated a comprehensive modernization including a new and more user-friendly interface as well as a revision of the digital text.

The application complies with the latest technology and usage standards to facilitate the retrieval of news and videos via the TV screen as well as the placement of advertising playouts.

Prior to implementation, a qualitative user survey was conducted to gather viewers' opinions. The results were then considered in the development process.

Bianca Wannemacher, Chief Product Officer at Digital News Products/ RTLi/ RTL News, comments on the project with pride: "Thanks to the excellent collaboration with TeraVolt and our product team, our viewers can now access a new, state-of-the-art HbbTV offering with a comprehensive ntv news service in video, text and images."

Now, the app can be accessed via the Red Button on the remote control.

We invite you to discover ntv's updated digital text app on HbbTV for yourself.

3. August 2023

TeraVolt provides customized, application-aware metadata solutions for TV, streaming platforms and content providers 

Metadata has become decisive in the TV media industry for delivering engaging and personalized experiences to viewers. In this context, there is a growing need for customized metadata solutions instead of "one-size-fits-all". This is because, in the dynamic media landscape, companies usually have different goals. Whether the goal is to increase viewership, maximize advertising revenue, grow market share, or build brand loyalty, meeting these goals requires a customized content strategy with appropriate metadata. After all, metadata that describes and categorizes content is a fundamental component of successful content management systems. 

By implementing a customized metadata solution, organizations can tailor their metadata practices to their specific goals. Additionally, customizing metadata workflows to meet specific goals can optimize content discoverability, improve searchability, and increase user engagement. 

Content archive for unique content 

TV media companies usually have a diverse and extensive content archive, which is characterized by different volumes as well as thematic and structural focuses. They address different target groups with individual preferences and viewing habits. Metadata management must take these differences into account to accurately reflect the essence of the content and enable efficient organization and retrieval. A "one-size-fits-all" metadata solution ignores the need for detailed audience segmentation and personalization. Customized solutions, on the other hand, ensure that metadata schemas, tagging conventions, and classification systems are tailored to each organization's unique content archive. This approach enables efficient content discovery, supports meaningful recommendations, and facilitates company-specific content monetization strategies. 

Use Case Examples 

There are very many potential use cases depending on specific requirements such as business goals, target groups and socio-demographic characteristics, archive focus, etc. TeraVolt has already analyzed and implemented various use cases with different metadata strategies and metadata solutions for different customers. These include for example, automatically generated content tracks, the most accurate categorization for content recommendations and appropriate positioning of content, context-sensitive overlays, video time codes for cue-in points in the progress bar or complete cast and soundtrack information. 

This example of metadata solutions demonstrates the need for the TV media industry when it comes to a uniquely individual approach to metadata. Customized solutions are critical because they consider each company's different goals, unique content archives, different market environments and competitors, and different audiences. This can optimize content discoverability, improve user experience, increase audience engagement and ultimately gain a competitive advantage in the ever-evolving media landscape.  

TeraVolt is the market-leading solution provider for television transformation in Europe. We also offer customized, application-oriented metadata solutions for TV, streaming platforms and content providers, focusing on provider-specific use cases. 

22. June 2023

Red Bull Erzbergrodeo 2023 – TeraVolt develops a technical concept for data measurement and visualizes the TV broadcast with live AR and VR graphics.  

Hamburg, June 12, 2023 - 500 motocross riders, 30 kilometers of track, four hours of racing and only 17 riders at the finish line. The Red Bull Erzbergrodeo at Austria's Erzberg is the toughest motocross race in the world. The riders must pass 27 checkpoints in an active iron ore mine. It automatically leads to an opaque racing action. In cooperation with its long-term partner Red Bull Mediahouse, TeraVolt provided viewers with a visually even better race experience in front of the various screens with a variety of digital enhancement features, thus introducing a new form of coverage. 

Riders' positions and performances are displayed throughout the race.

During the long race, it is often unclear at which point a driver has caught up or lost positions. Where were there key points? Where was the race decided? TeraVolt´s task in developing the technical and editorial workflow was to determine drivers during the race. Besides the positions, it should also be possible to quantify the performances based on tracking data and thus determine the driving skills on the track. The data had to be integrated into the workflows of the television broadcast and aggregated and visualized for editorial storytelling in an appealing and comprehensible way. 

A particular challenge was to determine the drivers positions live and process them in real time and make them visually visible. The local conditions make this almost impossible, as the network coverage is poor because of the large and mountainous area. In addition, the route is not finalized until a few hours before the race, and the athletes sometimes travel at very high speeds in the terrain.  

For these challenges, the TeraVolt team, in collaboration with various technical service providers, identified and implemented a technology for data measurement and connected it to the data interface used. The main task was to reduce the latency to a maximum. In parallel, the ideation and the creation for the visualizations during the pre-show and live show of the TV broadcast took place.  

For this purpose: augmented reality and virtual reality: TV graphics were developed to get especially young target groups excited about the broadcast and the sport. Besides the visualization of the performance data, great importance was attached to the visualization of track highlights and special - key points to bring the challenges closer to all viewers and to bring clarity and transparency to the racing action. 

The visualization of the track enables an even better understanding of the race.

In the Red Bull TV app, all information could also be experienced individually via an independent augmented reality mode. Live generated and KPI aggregated data from Erzbergrodeo 2023 was so brought to life. 

This innovative approach, developed by TeraVolt allowed viewers worldwide to experience motocross action unprecedentedly. 

AR mode in the mobile app 

26. May 2023

TeraVolt and ZDF present innovative Big Screen Application of ZDFmediathek for HbbTV

Hamburg, May 26, 2023 - TeraVolt and ZDF celebrate the successful launch of the new Big Screen Application of ZDFmediathek for HbbTV. TeraVolt is a long-standing partner of ZDF and has been responsible for HbbTV, Smart TV, and third-party platforms such as SKY, Telekom Magenta, and Vodafone Germany since the summer 2020. 

The challenging project included a comprehensive redesign of the ZDFmediathek application. The design underwent a re-brush to improve the further content presentation. In addition, the front-end and back-end were completely redeveloped to provide a contemporary and user-friendly interface and to lay a powerful technical foundation for future developments. 

The collaboration between the TeraVolt and ZDF teams was a prime example of effective and dynamic teamwork. Through absolute dedication and goal-oriented cooperation, the project was not only successfully implemented, but also set new standards for future joint projects. 

Mirko Rasche, Client Service Director at TeraVolt, commented on the collaboration and project as follows: "Taking responsibility for the primary digital playout path for Europe's largest broadcaster is a great challenge. Our team at ZDF and TeraVolt have achieved a remarkable feat and successfully modernized the most technically sophisticated TV media library in the DACH region, highlighting our technological expertise and innovation."

Oliver Koch, COO, and founder of TeraVolt proudly added: "The redesign of ZDFmediathek's big screen application aimed to provide users with a premium user experience through an intuitive interface and an advanced technology base. We are confident that the goal was achieved." 

We invite you to discover the experience of the revamped ZDFmediathek Big Screen application on HbbTV and be inspired by the improved offering.

Background on the topic - HbbTV & CTV:

HbbTV and other CTV apps are critical for ZDF and other public broadcasters as they master the bridge between traditional television and the digital world. They enable broadcasters to reach viewers where they increasingly spend time - in the digital space. HbbTV and CTV apps can create a personalized, interactive viewing experience that meets the expectations of modern audiences. In this way, broadcasters successfully assert their relevance in a dynamic and rapidly changing media landscape.