ARD Videotext HbbTV System

Development and Operation of the ARD Videotext HbbTV System  

TeraVolt has developed a system that allows ARD broadcasters to manage their HbbTV teletext apps based on the data from the existing traditional teletext.


Backend UI (CMS)

TeraVolt has developed the backend system, including the user interface, for the teletext editorial teams of the 16 public broadcasting institutions within the ARD family.

Each regional broadcasting station can manage broadcast selected teletext content to its audience through its own user interface, sourced from centrally stored data. The ARD Play Out Center has an admin view and can manage all channels within the system.

HbbTV Teletext System for ARD

All traditional and modern teletext sources from all clients can be ingested into the system. There, the data is reconciled and can be adjusted to ensure the correct playout of all HbbTV applications. TeraVolt has designed the solution architecture and built the system from scratch to meet the specific requirements of all channels.


Videotext System Infrastructure

TeraVolt collaborated with the client to establish a modern and secure cloud infrastructure. The system stability and performance are exceptional, ensuring the timely delivery of current information via HbbTV teletext for viewers. A disruption-free work environment for teletext editors and system administrators is consistently maintained.


HbbTV Teletext App

Our system serves all HbbTV teletexts of the ARD. The respective HbbTV teletext application can be accessed through the broadcaster's start bar. In addition to classic text content, the app also includes images and complex graphics, made possible by the HbbTV standard and transmission via IP. A reduced HbbTV version of the respective teletext is additionally delivered via the DVB Broadcast Carousel (DSMCC).