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Fans want more information during the game than provided by broadcasters. They expect live data and statistics for a more immersive viewing experience. Studies have proven that viewers want to watch content on the biggest screen possible. They want to watch what they want, when they want, on any device.​


Broad TV rights landscape making it complicated for fans to watch their beloved sports content, whilst having a lack of orientation ​

Lack of information provided during sports events causes fans to get information on 2nd Screen from a different content provider


Benefits for the consumers

A free app with a mini EPG for an overview and orientation of all live football matches. Live data and statistics upon click with gamified player KPI. ​

Benefits for the client

More consumers inside the app store using the app. New viewing experience attracts new consumers and assures attention as well as engagement.​



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Alireza Mojtahedi
Product Manager App, Music & Games at Unitymedia

"I am happy to see the great team which created this neat product is rewarded by a consumers usage way beyond expectations"

Features include

Mini EPG

Overview of live- and upcoming matches for orientation in a complex media rights landscape. Get dragged into a match e.g. broadcasted by Sky or Eurosport upon a press of a button.


Live data and statistics​

2nd screen not needed anymore. The viewer can find all relevant statistics, such as the live-league table on the first screen.​


Gamified player KPI​

Team dominance, player performance and score probability based on live-data.​