Concept & Design for Quickline TV Apps 

TeraVolt specified the concept for the mobile TV Apps (Android and IOS) and the new Web TV App for Quickline. .


Start page

  • Optimization UX and UI concept for improved app entry and direct access to relevant content
  • Faster channel change through integration Mini EPG
  • Improved orientation by reducing complexity in the menu structure
  • Multi-device implementation (WEB, APP & TV)


  • Clarity increased by adapting the information architecture Wi-Fi check
  • All recordings at a glance separated into single and serial recordings (challenge: all broadcast assets are available for 2 weeks)
  • Complexity reduction through standardization of recording options
  • Multilingual content mapping

Onboarding First Install

  • Fast initial installation due to structured user guidance
  • Personalized product experience through individual configuration options (e.g. recommendations, replay function, PIN settings)
  • A/B user test and click prototype

Player optimization on TV inventory platforms

  • Intuitive player operation by adjusting the positioning and visual redesign of the items
  • Optimized "viewing experience" through free-standing player items
  • Better visibility (more screen estate) of TV content
  • Easier usability through reduction of permanently visible player icons



Replay Guide Android TV

Improved content discovery

  • Increased findability of on-demand content from around 500 channels through optimized categorization and presentation
  • Overview of all available content such as most viewed content, editorial lanes.
  • Optimized findability of content from approx. 500 channels through restructuring and categorization