Red Bull Engagement Sidebar

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The additional information provided by television channels is not sufficient for the fans. They expect live data and statistics for a more immersive TV experience and actively seek out this information during the broadcast. Studies show that viewers want to experience content on the largest possible screen. Viewers want to see content tailored to them – whenever they want and on any device.

Issue at hand

Due to the lack of exclusivity, Red Bull is facing challenges in persuading viewers to watch sports events on Instead of consuming content on, they are tuning in to other TV channels. When they do watch on, they don't pay much attention to the broadcast as they consume additional information through third-party apps.


The Engagement Sidebar:

A backend system aggregates various data from different data providers. An in-house database stores historical data from past events. Various widgets can be selected via a toolbox and configured for each event to display additional information and performance statistics. During the live broadcast, the configured widgets are available on the web and mobile web in parallel with the stream.

Benefits for the user:

Alongside the broadcast, additional information about athletes, tracks, rules and particularly performance data is integrated into the platform. Users can delve deeply into statistics and performance analyses on demand or gather insights about the challenges of the track, rules or other interesting topics.

Customer success:

Enhancing the platform to differentiate itself from other TV channels offering the same content. Offering interactive features with performance data is particularly appealing to younger viewer groups and increases both reach and engagement. The Engagement Sidebar also creates new opportunities for sponsor integration.


Significantly higher engagement rates for the widgets than expected!

Users love interacting with the Engagement Sidebar, and sponsors love being a part of it.

In 2022, widgets were already available for over 10 different sports series and cultural events (such as dance and hip-hop competitions). Development for additional events is underway. Sponsorship agreements could only be secured and expanded due to the Engagement Sidebar.

Immersive Broadcasting Through Interactive Widgets

In addition to the live broadcast, provides detailed information about athletes' performances, the challenges on the track and the results of the events.


Bringing Viewers Even Closer

The Engagement Sidebar highlights the intricacies of sports like cliff diving, mountain biking or surfing on Simultaneously, viewers gain easier access and immerse themselves more deeply in the events.