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Fans want more information whilst watching sports than what is provided by broadcasters. They expect live data and statistics for a more immersive viewing experience. Studies have proven that viewers want to watch content on the biggest screen possible. They want to watch what they want, when they want, on any device.​


Difficult to convince viewers to watch sports events on as Red Bull does not hold the events exclusively. Instead of watching on they consume the content with other broadcasters. Even if they do, they don‘t pay a lot of attention, as they consume additional information on 3rd party apps.​


Benefits for the customer

Next to the video player, additional information about athletes, tracks, rules and especially performance data are integrated into the platform. The user can take a deep dive into statistics and performance analysis if he wants to or just get some high-level information about the challenges of the track, rules or other interesting topics.

Benefits for the client

Adding value to the platform to differentiate against other broadcasters who offer the same content.

Increase reach offer interactive features containing performance data to become more attractive for the younger audience groups increase engagement. Valuable sponsorship integration possible.

How it works

A backend system aggregates the various data from the different data providers. An inhouse database stores historic data from previous events. Various widgets can be selected via a toolbox and configured for each broadcast event to display the additional information and performance stats. During the live broadcast, the configured widgets are available on web and mobile web right next to the video player of Integration of widgets in native apps (mobile and 10foot) are on the roadmap for 2021.


Engagement rate of the widgets is much higher than expected!

The audience loves to interact. Sponsors love to be part of the sidebar 

In 2021, widgets are available for more than 10 different sport series and culture events (dancing, hip hop contests), development for more events is ongoing. Sponsorships could be contracted or maximized only because of the sidebar

Immersive broadcast with interactive data widgets

Right next to the live broadcast stream, offers detailed information about athlete performance, track challenges and event results.


Highlighting the special characteristics of each sport​

The special characteristics of less well-known but extreme sports, such as cliffdiving, moutainbiking or surfing are being highlighted on with the engagement sidebar. Making the sports more accessible and immersive for every viewer.


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